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never mind im litteraly retarded
hey could you please ad visa to the rank buying place?
Giving in-game money does not comply with Mojang's EULA, therefor we took away this perk. Long story short: $0.00
how much ingame money do u get from bedrock?
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Server Maintenance

Nick 0212 A posted Wed at 17:27
Just doing an oil change and rotating the tires. Shouldn't be down long.

Doing a little surgery

Nick 0212 A posted Oct 31, 14
Sorry, it's going to be down for a little bit while I work some magic.

1.8 for the server, maybe

Nick 0212 A posted Oct 15, 14
There are rumors that the devs for spigot are going to release a full 1.8 version soon. I've been checking for an update everyday, but nothing has happened yet. Crossing my fingers that it'll happen soon rather than later.