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I am stuck in creative and am lagging terribly D:
how do you become staff
I'm in Maine from today until next Saturday or Sunday, so I'll be gone for around a week.
Uhh theres a problem with mineworld, we can break the blocks at spawn and we arent lagging we're trying to rebuild it right now
Hey guys iv'e just been banned for x-raying and all i can say is i wish this server the best of luck it's in my opinion the greatest server

Donation Shop Changes

Nick 0212 A posted Wed at 21:09
To comply with Mojang's EULA all kits have been removed from the donation shop. This includes the kits that were with the ranks. 


Nick 0212 A posted Aug 6, 14
Server will be down for a bit while I update some software packages.

All updates are done!

Steam Games

Nick 0212 A posted May 28, 14
I've been play some Steam games lately. I think it would be fun to expand the Lost Nations community to include other games. I've created a group on steam- Lost Nations Gaming. If you play steam games or want to, join our group so we can see how many people are interested. We could easily host some servers for events.

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