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They are, to a certain extend. We do not recommend using 1.8 since there are some compatibility issues. E.g. enchanting, it is not possible to enchant on the server using a 1.8 client. Other than that it doesn't run well, expect poor performance.
I was able to login using 1.8 client. No features are functional, of course. However, 1.8 client just may be compatible, at least, at this point.
Here are instructions, toristar. [link]
Tori, read Nick's new tutorial to the right of here.
how can u get on the server?
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Mc 1.8 Sadness

Nick 0212 A posted Sep 7, 14
Most servers use a modded minecraft server called craftbukkit for plugins. Craftbukkit has been shut down for a while because of a legal fight. No one can work on updating it or even download old versions. Until that mess gets sorted out you'll have to go back to mc 1.7.10 to play on the server. I made a simple tutorial here.

Donation Shop Changes

Nick 0212 A posted Aug 13, 14
To comply with Mojang's EULA all kits have been removed from the donation shop. This includes the kits that were with the ranks. 


Nick 0212 A posted Aug 6, 14
Server will be down for a bit while I update some software packages.

All updates are done!
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