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you forgot to check yourself
nick why was i banned for 3 days when i asked like 3~5times to be demoted b4 doin something
nick when you have the time and not busy doing nothing or afking come find me i wana give ye a note
Nick: Can you message me on skype "devon.business ", I want to talk about Lost-Nations

Town Jails

Nick 0212 A posted May 15, 15

Towny has added town jails! Check out this forum post for details on how it works.

Forum Poll

Nick 0212 A posted Feb 14, 15

Check out Server and Website Suggestions on the forums to vote on server stuff! More polls coming!


Nick 0212 A posted Jan 29, 15

Just doing and oil change and rotating the tires. It'll be back up when it's up!

Sign Problems

Nick 0212 A posted Dec 1, 14
The server is running the full 1.8 update. Some plugins are broken for the time being but should be back soon. Some signs are broken because the way the server saves and formats them has changed in 1.8. Lock signs are broken and need to be replaced asap. Gate and Bridge signs need to be replaced as well. I tried a utility to automatically convert the signs, but that caused a lot more problems. Please, do not loot chests with broken locks.

Server Maintenance

Nick 0212 A posted Nov 26, 14
Just doing an oil change and rotating the tires. Shouldn't be down long.