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When I never done it! If all my stuff is gone in my /chest I'm reporting this sever that's my option anyway
Yet again I got banned for arena glitch
Woohoo 1.8.1 client DOESN'T SUCK
JD and kay are swearing like sailors non-stop. and its pretty anooying to the other players too.
kay234157 & JDawn are using the arena exploit OVER AND OVER AND ITS PISSING ME OFF.
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1.8 for the server, maybe

Nick 0212 A posted Oct 15, 14
There are rumors that the devs for spigot are going to release a full 1.8 version soon. I've been checking for an update everyday, but nothing has happened yet. Crossing my fingers that it'll happen soon rather than later. 

Mc 1.8 Sadness

Nick 0212 A posted Sep 7, 14
Most servers use a modded minecraft server called craftbukkit for plugins. Craftbukkit has been shut down for a while because of a legal fight. No one can work on updating it or even download old versions. Until that mess gets sorted out you'll have to go back to mc 1.7.10 to play on the server. I made a simple tutorial here.

Donation Shop Changes

Nick 0212 A posted Aug 13, 14
To comply with Mojang's EULA all kits have been removed from the donation shop. This includes the kits that were with the ranks. 
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